It is probably because of the expertise of its antique dealers, its skilled restorers and its art galleries so rich in treasures that Arezzo is now the antiques city par excellence. If you are in Arezzo during the Antiques Fair, you will be able to come into contact with a network of professionals, trade experts, and numerous cultural realities. An opportunity for exchange and professional enrichment for those who already know the world of antiques; a real discovery for those approaching antiques for the first time.  

Every object has a story to tell that relates to its birth, the style of the time, and the customs and traditions of an era. Being able to recognise its identity, to tell its story, bringing its essence to light and enhancing it by giving it the space it deserves, are elements that Arezzo has always known. That is why, when you visit the Antiques Fair, you will not only find yourself strolling among rare and precious objects, but you will also be immersed in a special world of old workshops, craftsmanship, knowledge and history..

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